MY GRANDFATHER was born in 1895 close to the second largest whaling station in Iceland. It was built by a Norwegian company in Dýrafjörður in the Westfjords of Iceland only five years earlier. The first eight years of his live he saw the whalers invade this quiet agricultural society every spring and bring their prey to the whaling station the whole summer and then leave again when winter approached. Up to 150 people worked in the station, mostly from Norway, but only a handful of Icelanders. In 1903 the whalers hunting grounds off the western and northern coast of Iceland were almost depleted. The whaling companies then turned to the hunting grounds off the Eastfjords of Iceland and the story continued. Only a decade later they went for good and in 1915 whaling from Iceland was banned because of rapidly declining stocks. The whalers then went to the Southern Seas around Antarctica which is another story.


My grandfather with two of his sons

The Framnes whaling station in Dýrafjörður

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